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Subject: GuanXi in China. . .

. . .You need to understand Chinese ways of
doing business and its culture while
selling to Chinese market with less trouble,
efforts and risks. 

GuanXi is powerful way in
China business to ensure that
mutually beneficial
exchange can happen.

Guanxi, an important Chinese business element.
So, if you are looking for business book
 that uphold Chinese business
culture, behaviour, manners then
this is the right place for you.

It also talks in detail about giving the
appropriate gifts to enhance business dealings.
The word guanxi means relationship or
network of relationship among various parties.

The book has beautifully described the
way good business is conducted
and relationships are established.
It can help the entrepreneurs to succeed
in their business by getting inspiration and
by providing the right knowledge.

But It's not fair! ( I hear you whine)

Going Through The Back Door

A Word Of Caution…

The Drunken Banquet: A Time -
Honoured Chinese Tradition

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Subject:  GuanXi in China

Chinese Mindset explained - Guan xi, mianzi
and ranks & more.
A Mutual Web Of Interdependence
Going Through The Back Door

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