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As Business Director and Founder of Australia Jada International Trading Company, Mr. Richard Tong has rich experience in International Trade.

After completion of Bachelor degree of Business Administration from university, before settling in Australia, he had held important entrepreneurial role in China Technical Import & Export Corporation for 5 years.

Mr. Richard Tong has Chinese background. He understands Chinese culture very well and can speak fluent Mandarin and some Chinese dialects. His work can be the bridge between East and West.

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How to Use this Book

Thanks for joining me on this journey!In order to create very clear venation for you as reader and international business learner, this book has been formatted into an easy to follow step by step system.

In this book, you will find the breakdown of a well planned system of importing from China. This detailed procedure has evolved over decades, utilising the practices from well experienced international trading partners.

There is no absolute typical method to use this book. You may choose to read the chapters in order or you may skip around, reading different chapters with certain contents of view points at different times.

To get the most value out of this book, you can keep it where you work and refer to it frequently throughout the whole importing process.

The sole purpose of this book is to help you and show you how to have competitively priced, high quality Chinese products delivered to your warehouse door under proper guidance with minimum efforts and costs.

After putting efforts on memorizing the ideas, terms and principles, you should apply them immediately. Instead of putting your business plan on the shelf, you should take actions.

The more action you take right now, the more you and your company can harvest the result and benefiting from importing from China.

When this book is nearly to be competed, I could hardly control my excitement and joy in knowing the collaboration of very best material and ideas which was going to be in this one book which would be the tools for personal business excellence at their fingertips. Building an extraordinary business is the waging efforts of numerous people from across the globe. In the chapters that follow, you will be exposed to a wide variety of ideas, terms, techniques and experiences which have all been designed to help you make your business truly extraordinary.

Thank you for purchasing this book and good luck with your importing!

Enjoy the program!
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