Mid Year Graduation 2003 - Photographs

Wednesday, 30 July 2003

Graduating students from the Faculties of Infomatics and Engineering

Mid-year graduations are being held at the University of Wollongong on 30 July, 31 July and 1 August this week. Over these three days there will be about 1,200 graduates and 4,000 guests attending the campus.

We congratulate the graduates on their individual achievements and wish them well in their future endeavors.

The manager of the Formula SAE racing team, pictured with his family

Ms Kirti Deshmukh graduated with a Master of Information and Communication Technology

Four students who graduated with Masters of Engineering Practice at the Faculty of Engineering ceremony on 30 July

Associate Professor Gregory Doherty who presented the Occasional Address and was made a Fellow of the University at the Faculty of Infomatics ceremony on 30 July is pictured with the Chancellor, Mr Michael Codd, AC and Vice-Chancellor Professor Gerard Sutton

Former Member for Wollongong, Mr Colin Markham, presented the Occasional Address and made a Fellow of the University at the Faculty of Engineering/Faculty of Informatics ceremony on 30 July.

Graduating student awaits the start of the graduation ceremony

Flowers are an integral part of this festive occasion

Some nervous moments - contemplating the path that lies ahead

Friends and family members enjoy celebrating with their loved ones

The friends you make at University remain with you for the rest of your life

Minor adjustments before the big event

Graduation time brings university and family life together

Different generations get into the spirit of graduation at UOW

A cuddly feature of graduation at UOW!





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